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About School

About School

 HOKKO GAKUEN accepted exchange students from Asahikawa City’s sister city Suwon, Republic of Korea from 1989 to 1994.And since 2009 when Higashikawa town started to sponsor short term Japanese Language Training Courses and other activities, we have had 450 overseas students from East Asia.HOKKO GAKUEN with these kind of activities as well as strong requests from Higashikawa town and East Asia regions has been supporting internationalization and globalization. Incorporating the objectives of the Japanese government from the “Program for 300 Thousand Foreign Students” which is part of the “New Growth Strategy” (enacted June, 2010), we have opened the Japanese Language Training Course in Asahikawa Welfare Special School.

Purpose of Japanese Language Course in our school

 The goal of this study course is to improve Japanese ability through Japanese culture experience. For those exchange students who wish to find employment in the future or continue their university studies, the aim could be passing the higher levels of the JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test), as well as to learn how communication works in Japanese society.Regarding post-graduation plans, exchange students can provide each other with support and consultation about finding employment and/or information about the universities or technical schools you wish to apply to.
   For those students who wholeheartedly wish to study abroad in Japan, Higashikawa town and Higashikawa town’s East Asia Cultural Exchange Association provide sincere support and advice for everyone to be successful in their studies in Asahikawa Welfare Special School.

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